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Little Seismic Dance's Anniversary Gift to the Audience, SFGate, Alan Ulrich, May 2016

"One way or another, Faulkner keeps an audience involved, wondering whether this is really what she wanted us to see, and yet being absolutely sure that this is exactly what she had in mind. It’s a rare gift in a choreographer these days." Dance View Times, Rita Felciano, May 2016

"Watching her choreography caress the pavement, it’s all just utterly fascinating.SF Appeal, Becca Klarin, October 2011

Katie Faulkner, partnered by Private Freeman, achieved a luminous eloquence.Philadelphia Inquirer - Lisa Kraus, March 2011

"Mesmerizing." Rachel Howard, July 2009

Astutely matched as all three pairs were, by far the most successful was Faulkner’s with Tess Uriza Holthe’s “Road AheadDance View Times, Rita Felciano, October 2008

But it was the young, emerging choreographer Katie Faulkner, who responded most  richly to the writings of her literary match-up, Tess Uriza HoltheSan Francisco Chronicle, Rachel Howard, October 2008

"...visual poetry." San Francisco Foghorn - Lulu McAllister, January 2008

" A choreographer we will hopefully see much more of in seasons to come." IN DANCE -  Mary Ellen Hunt, August 2006

" A talent headed for capital letters" - Allan Ullrich, August 2006



“ Claudia Bauer’s Dance Pick for ODC Unplugged”, San Francisco Chronicle, July 2018

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Deemed a “surpriser” by Rita Felciano in the 2011 SF Bay Guardian year of dance in review.  “I call them surprisers, because you think you know what to expect from them and then find out that you don't. One example ... is Katie Faulkner, who possesses wit in addition to a fine eye for form."

What a perfect name for this new troupe, which delivered a small-scale yet ground-shaking performance.” IN DANCE, August 2006

Faulkner creates movement that emerges like watercolor on canvas, unexpectedly funny one moment and heartbreaking the next.” SF Weekly, January 2008

Faulkner draws on intense observations of the everyday and then spins them into tightly woven structures” SF Bay Guardian, June 2009

Faulkner is a local choreographer to watch .”   Allan Ulrich,, July 2009

Organically and engrossingly structured” IN DANCE, October 2006



"This Dance is Still Being Made" Stance On Dance, Katie Faulkner, August 2011